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Das Orthopädiezentrum Arabellapark München, Dr. med. Christian Kinast, Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Hamel und Kollegen wurde am 13.04.2010 nach ISO 9001:2008 für organisatorische Abläufe zertifiziert.
15.-18. September 2005

Second Triennial
Meeting in Neapel,

Die International Federation of Foot and Ankle Societies ist die weltweit grösste Vereinigung, die sich ausschliesslich mit dem Fuss und Gelenken beschäftigt.

Dr. Kinast wurde ausgewählt, um über seine Erfahrungen mit resorbierbaren Implantaten zu berichten. Er spricht am Donnerstag, den 15. September, siehe Programm.


Thursday, September 15, 2005
-- 14.00 --

Modular screw system: Cannulated titanium self-drilling screws with bioresorbable heads for use in foot and ankle surgery
S.D. Miller (Baltimore, MD USA)

Bunion surgery using locking plate fixation of proximal metatarsal osteotomies
J. K. DeOrio, J.W. Gallentine (Jacksonville, FL USA)

Use of an external minifixator for displaced articular fractures of the calcaneum
R. Bortolazzi, B. Magnan, A. Marangon, O. Micale, P. Bartolozzi (Verona, I)

Intraoperative 3-D imaging with a mobile motorized C-arm (ISO-C-3D) in foot and ankle trauma care. Preliminary results of the first 101 cases
J. Geerling, S. Zech, D. Kendoff, P. Droste, M. Frink, C. Krettek, M. Richter (Hannover, D)

Total ceramic arthroplasty for painful, destructive disorders of the lesser metatarso-phalangeal joints
D.N. Townshend, M.E. Greiss (Whiteheaven, UK)

The fibula nail for the treatment of ankle fractures in the elderly
P. Appleton, M. McQuinn, C. Court-Brown (Edinburgh, UK)

The use of different external fixation devices in the treatment of foot and ankle deformations
M. Schmidt, (Frankfurt, D)

A new technique for a more accurate performance and a stronger fixation of the crescentic osteotomy
W. Pauli, F. Beutter, D. Crameri (Huttwil, CH)

Novel implant and instrument design for small bone surgery
D. Kay, G. Njus, D. Ducharme, L. Strnad (Akron, OH, USA)

Forefoot-reconstruction with resorbable implants
C. Kinast, P. Bouliopoulos, J. Hamel (Muenchen, D)

Subtalar arthroscopy with a new set up
J. Frokjaer, P. Bo, J.U. Wester, C.U. Maegaard (Odense, DK)

Short-term results of uncemented titanium-alloy first metatarsophalangeal joint replacement
M. Bardelli, L. Turelli, G. Scoccianti (Florence, I)

New procedures in lesser toes surgery
L. Barouk, P. Barouk (Bordeaux, F)

The Foot and Ankle "Coddler" Splint in Foot and Ankle Surgery
D. Reis, D. Zucker (Haifa, IL)


-- 15.50 --

Custom-made stainless-steel talus-replacement-prothesis for tumors and failed TAR
J. Keel (St. Gallen, CH)

Total ankle arthroplasty using alumina ceramic prostheses loaded with tissue engineered bone
Y Tanaka, Y. Takakura, H. Ohgushi, S. Isomoto, K. Narikawa, T. Kumai,
K. Sugimoto (Nara, J)

Midterm functional and structural effects of the S.T.A.R. - total ankle arthroplasty on the subtalar and the talonavicular joint - A prospective study in 57 TAAs
R. M. Christ, F.W. Hagena (Bad Oeynhausen, D)

Early results of a novel ligament-compatible total ankle prosthesis
S. Giannini, A. Leardini, M. Romagnoli, F. Catani (Bologna, I)

Ankle arthroplasty versus ankle arthrodesis for end-stage ankle arthritis: a functional comparison
N. Duggal, S. Redekop, T.R.Daniels (Toronto, CDN)

A functional analysis of ankle arthroplasty for end-stage ankle arthritis
N. Duggal, S. Redekop, T.R.Daniels (Toronto, CDN)

The S.T.A.R. total ankle replacement
F.-W. Hagena, R.M. Christ (Bad Oeynhausen, D)

Unfavorable influence of total ankle arthoplasty malposition on ankle function
T. Jotoku, H. Kitaoka, L. Berglund, K. Zhao, K. An, K. Kaufman
(Kishiwada, J, Rochester, NY, USA)

Functional assessment of total ankle replacement
M. G. Benedetti, L. Berti, A. Leardini, S. Giannini (Bologna, I)

Fixation and bone ingrow in tibial component of the AES ankle prosthesis
M. Guelfi, C. Ameri, S. Bosio, F. Grilli, F. Priano (Genoa, Savona, Pietra Ligure, I)

Gait analysis after total ankle arthroplasty. A comparative study with a normal control group
H. C. Doets, M. van Middelkoop, H. Houkijk, R.G.H.H. Nelissen, H. E. J. Veeger
(Amsterdam, Leiden, NL)

Total ankle arthroplasty combined with lengthening osteotomy of the medial malleolus. A new tecnique for the treatment of varus deformity of the osteoarthritic ankle
H. C. Doets, (Amsterdam, NL)

Ankle replacement and osteotomy around the Talus. Our experience about 56 cases indicated by Meary view Xray
J. Asencio, C. Leonardi (Nimes, F)

MRI examination of total ankle joint replacement
G. Bourke, (Melbourne, AUS)

Incidental periprosthetic cysts following total ankle replacement: a possible cause and management
V. M. Budnar, I.G. Winson (Bristol, UK)

Total ankle prosthesis : five to eight years results of a third generation implant with an anatomic concept
T. Judet, M.Bonnin, J.A. Colombier (Garches, Lyon, St. Jean, F)

Results of the pivotal study of the STAR prothesis: 2000-2005. The USA Experience
M. J. Coughlin (Boise, ID, USA)

-- 18.00 -- Coffee Break
-- 19.30 -- IFFAS Council Meeting
-- 21.00 -- WELCOME COCKTAIL AT PALAZZO REALE (Meeting point in the hall of hotel Royal at 20.30)

Friday, September 16, 2005
-- 8.00 --

Reconstructive surgery in sequelae of malleolar fractures
F. Ceccarelli (Bologna, I)

Talar fracture
S. Inokuchi (Tokyo, J)

Reconstructive surgery for the sequelae of malunited calcaneous fractures
M. Myerson (Baltimore, USA)

Late reconstruction of Lisfranc tarso-metatarsal fracture dislocations
J. W. Brodsky (Dallas, USA)

Tarsal-metatarsal injuries
B. J. Sangeorzan (Seattle, USA)

Metatarsal fractures
I. H. Park (Gang Neung, Korea)


-- 9.20 --

A modification to the stainsby technique for arthritic or dislocated metatarsophalangeal joints of the lesser toes
K. T. Trimble, N.J. Talbot, S.W. Parsons (Truro, UK)

Floating toes deformity as a complication of the Weil osteotomy
A. Migues, G. Slullitel, F. Bilbao, M. Carrasco, G. Solari (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Morton's neuroma: a prospective, randomized 2 year follow-up study of plantar versus dorsal incisions in primary intermetatarsal neuromas
C. Akermark, H. Crone, A. Skoog, L. Weidenhielm (Stockholm, S)

Forefoot reconstruction in rheumatoid arthritis: a peri-operative cost analysis
G. A. Matricali, J. Verduyckt, A. Boonen, R. Westhovens (Leuven, Maastricht, NL)

Prospective study of results of Weil osteotomy: multicentric study in Chile
G. Carcuro, C. Ortiz, S. Fernàndez, M. Paleo, J. Gutiérrez, R. Munoz, H. Jara (Santiago, Chile)

Second metatarsal head pressure diminution with the use of aa metatarsal pad of bar: a clinical trial
A. Deshaies, N. Murphy, P. Deshaies, P. Roy, E. Anctil (Sherbrooke, Rock-Forest, CDN)

The Weil osteotomy for metatarsalgia - Does it work?
S. Anand, M.S. Sundar (Manchester, UK)

A surgical correction of crossover deformity of the second toe: a technique for tenodesis
F. Barca, A. Saracino (Modena, I)

Biomechanical comparison of three different fixation methods for proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis
T. A. McDonald, M.S. Aronow, S. Santangelo, E. Obopilwe, A.D. Mazzocca (Farmington, CT, USA)

Medium-term results of the Weil-osteotomy in treatment of metatarsalgia - A clinical, radiological and pedobarographic prospective study
O. Meyer, G. Godolias (Herne, D)

Surgical treatment of Morton's neuroma: the neurectomy-relocation technique
A. Volpe, D. Varotto, A. Postorino (Abano Terme, I)

Morton's neuroma size and the effect of corticosteroid on pain
S. Lines, I. Winson, M. Bradley (Bristol, UK)


-- 9.20 --

Treatment of residual clubfoot deformities in paediatric patients with Ilizarov method
M. Paleari, A. Kirienko, M. Paleari, G. Biancardi (Milan, Italy)

Classification of the postaxial polydactyly of the foot
H. S. Lee, Y.S. Youm (Seoul, Korea)

Treatment of congenital and acquired foot deformities in children with external fixation
M. Schmidt, G. Salameh (Frankfurt, D)

Quantitative analysis of foot lenght in congenital Talipes equinovarus deformity
L. A. Williams, E. Robinson, M.P. Tomlinson (Auckland, NZ)

Idiopathic form of congenital vertical talus (CVT) treated by one stage open reduction. A clinical,
radiographic and pedobarographic study
M. Napiontek, M. Walczak (Poznan, PL)

Resection for symptomatic talocalcaneal colalition in children
L. Milano, G. Peretti (Rozzano, I)

The variability of plantar pressure pattern distribution in healthy children and its relation to flexible flatfoot
M. Walczak, M. Napiontek (Poznan, PL)

Average 12 year follow up results of circumferencial subtalar release for congenital club foot
S. Ozeki, M. Kakihana, S. Yamasaki, N. Miyagi, H. Iisaka, K. Kaneda (Dokkyo, Hokkaido, J)
Arthroeresis for pediatric flat foot
C. H. Chu, (Taichung city, Taiwan)

Anterior tibials tendon transposition in combination with Grice technique in the surgical treatment of spastic
planovalgosity feet deformities
M. Repko, R. Chaloupka (Bro, CZ)

Talipes equinovarus and maternal smoking: a population-based case-control study in Washington State
V. S. Mosca, A.C. Skelly, V.L. Holt, B.W. Alderman (Seattle, WA, USA)

The dinamic changes of the anterior tranaverse arch of the foot in childhood during walking
Y. S. Makino, T. Teramoto, T. Miyamoto, K. Ootsuka, K. Tasiro (Sasebo, Nagasaki, Ekisaikai, Oomura, J)

Functional outcome of triple arthrodesis in patients with neglected clubfoot
R.B. Pidloan, E.B. Tablante (Quezon City, Philippines)


-- 10.50 -- Coffee Break

-- 11.00 --

Arthroscopic surgery of the subtalar and great toe joints
R. D. Ferkel (Van Nuys, USA)

Arthroscopy and endoscopy of ankle and foot
C. N. van Dijk (Amsterdam, NL)

Percutaneous surgery
M. Knupp, B. Hintermann (Basel, CH)

Mini-incisions in M.I.S. of the foot and ankle
S. Giannini (Bologna, I)


-- 12.00 --

Debridement and microfractures in the treatment of talar osteochondral lesions
C. Nery (São Paulo, BR)

Autologeous osteochondral transplantation/Mosaicplasty
H. Thermann (Heidelberg, D)

Evolution in autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) in osteochondral lesions of the talus
R. Buda (Bologna, I)

Allograft replacement for osteochondral lesion of the talus
J. A. Nunley (Durham, USA)


-- 13.00 -- Lunch

-- 13.45 --

Use of external fixation in the reconstruction of the Charcot foot and ankle
J. C. Wang (Santa Monica, CA USA)

Hallux varus: transfer of the E.D.L. of the second toe
P.F. Diebold (Maxeville, France)

Supramalleolar osteotomy for ankle arthritis
G. Pagenstert, V. Valderrabano, B. Hintermann, W. Dick (Basel, CH)

The ceramic artificial talus for aseptic talar necrosis
Y. Takakura, Y. Tanaka, T. Kumai, S. Isomoto, K. Narikawa, K. Sugimoto (Nara, J)

Tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis by an intramedullary nail for severe ankle/hindfoot deformities
M. Klinke, A. Tavakkolizadeh, M. Davies (London, UK)

Talonavicular arthrodesis for the treatment of moderate adult flat foot deformity
Y. M. Cheng, P.J. Huang (Kaohsiung City, Taiwan)

Foot joints arthrodesis and consecutive progressive distraction
A. Kirienko, N. Markopoulos, N. Portinaro, V. Sansone, M. De Donato (Rozzano, I)

Comparison of radiographs and CT scans in evaluating healing of hindfoot arthrodesis
J. Speight Grimes, M.J. Coughlin (Boise, ID, USA)

Foot dysmorphism and rotatory alteration of the inferior limb
E. Parino, M. Marconetto, P.C. Pisani (Turin, I)

Ankle arthrodesis: long-term functional and clinical performance. Minimum 12-year follow-up
R. W. Smith, J.R. Faux, S. Reischl, U. Waldecker (Long Beach, CA, USA)

Cytokine induced osteoclastic bone resorption in Charcot arthropathy: an immunohistochemical study
J. F. Baumhauer, R. O'Keefe, L. Schon M. Pinzur (Rochester, NY, Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, USA)

The results of pantalar and tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis
A. Cracchiolo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The TCNC-arthrodesis - ultima ratio in different talar pathology
M. Weber, (Aachen, D)

Arthroscopic ankle and subtalar arthrodeses: 13-year prospective study and follow up
J. P. Tasto (San Diego, CA, USA)

Tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis using a curved locking nail. Results of 71 cases demonstrating an evolution of the technique
R. Hammett, V. Budnar, I. Winson, S. Hepple, W. Harries, L. Livingstone (Bristol, UK)

Ankle arthrodesis and its relationship to ipsilateral hind and mid foot arthritis
B. Sheridan, D. Robinson, M. Hubble, I. Winson (Yeovil, Bristol, Exeter, UK)

The surgical treatment of severe deformations in the Charcot foot
S. Kessler, L. Kurvin (Muenchen, D)

Internal fixation versus Ilizarov apparatus in subtalar arthrodesis fixation
M. Alperson, D. Angel, A. Liberson (Haifa, IL)

Correction of the multiplanar deformity of the ankle with the distraction method
C. Grispigni, A. Kirienko, L. Spreafico (Rozzano, I)

The effects of a medializing calcaneal osteotomy with and without superior translation upon Achilles
Tendon strain and plantar foot pressures
M. H. Hadfield, R.S. Adelaar, J. Snyder, P. C. Liacouras, J. R. Owen, J. Wayne (Richmond, VA, USA)


-- 13.45 --

Effect of balance exercise on strength of the peroneal muscle in healthy athletes
G. A. Arangio, D. Z. Tusek, B. Civic, A. Rogman (Allentown, PA, USA)

Ankle instability may depend on joint configuration
A. Frigg, O. Magerkurth, H. P. Ledermann, B. Hintermann (Basel, CH)

A patient-based questionnaire to assess outcomes of foot surgery: validation in relation to surgery for hallux valgus
J. Dawson, J. Coffey, H. Doll, G. Lavis, M. Herron, C. Jenkinson, P. Cooke
(Oxform, Birmingham, UK)

Superficial muscle activity measurement of ankle joint lesions - differences between traumatic and nontraumatic pathologies
D. Wolff, H. Hempfling, V. Buehren (Murnau, D)

The reliability and validity of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society clinical rating scale for the hallux and lesser toes
J. F. Baumhauer, D. Nawoczenski, B. F. DiGiovanni, G. Wilding, B.M. Grant, A.E. Hanson,
E.N. Jackstadt (Rochester, Buffalo, NY, USA)

Alterations in plantar pressure with different walking boot designs
F DiLiberto, J.F. Baumhauer, D. A. Nawoczenski (Rochester, NY, USA)

Dynamic performance of the ankle rotators in patients following operative intervention for malleoli fractures
Y. Steinfeld-Cohen, S. Shabat, M. Nyska, C. Peretz, Z. Dvir (Tel-Aviv, Kfar-Saba, IL)

Kinematic alterations of dynamic foot function associated with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
J. M. Tome, A.S. Flemister, J.R. Houck, D.A. Nawoczenski (Rochester, NY, USA)

Dynamic foot positions and first MTP joint motion: challenge to current theory
D. A. Nawoczenski, J.R. Houck, J.M. Tome, B.F. DiGiovanni, J.F. Baumhauer (Rochester, NY, USA)

The influence of the abductor hallucis muscle on the medial arch of the foot - a kinematic and anatomical in-vitro study
Y.S. Wong, (Singapore, Singapore)

Consecutive isokinetic evaluation of planta-flexion torque following Achilles tendon rapture repair
M Tobita, K. Naito, N. Kumahashi, M. Kono, H. Yamaguchi, T. Nagatani, M. Takao, Y. Uchio
(Ohda, Shimane, J)

Compensatory function of the subtalar joint concerning the development of varus osteoarthrosis of the ankle
K. Hayashi, Y. Tanaka, T. Kumai, I. Higashiyama, Y. Takakura (Nara, J)


-- 16.00 -- Coffee Break

-- 17.00 -- EFAS General Assembly (AUDITORIUM)

Saturday, September 17, 2005
-- 8.00 --

Morphology of the first metatarsal: head shape, base obliquity and the intermetatarsal facet
C. F. Hyer, G. C. Berlet, T. M. Philbin, T.H. Lee, P. Maurus (Columbus, OH, USA)

Mitchell's osteotomy using a PLLA Screw
K. Sugimoto, Y.Takakura, Y. Tanaka, T. Kumai, R. Kasanami, M. Iwai (Nara, J)

Proximal metatarsal osteotomy in hallux valgus-Relationship between 1-year and greater then 3-year results
R. Okuda, M. Kinoshita, T. Yasuda, T.Jotoku, M. Abe (Osaka, J)

First metatarsocuneiform joint arthrodesis: a biomechanical evaluation of different fixation techniques
A. Tucker, D. Kay, G. Bennett, G. Njus, B. Ananthan (Akron, OH, USA)

Bioresorble pin fixation in proximal spherical metatarsal osteotomies for hallux valgus deformity
Z. Shi, Y. Dong (Shangai, China)

Inspection of the congruity of the metatarsophalangeal joint in hallux valgus using 3D-CT images
Y. Tanaka, S. Isomoto, K. Narikawa, T. Kumai, K. Sugimoto, Y. Takakura (Nara, J)

Change in the distal metatarsal articular angle after the proximal metatarsal osteotomy for the correction of hallux valgus deformity
Y. Suda, S. Inokuchi, K. Matsuzaki (Tokyo, J)

A three dimensional geometric analysis on the effect of five different 1st metatarsal osteotomies using standardised Sawboneâ models
C. M. Blundell, A.D. McCarthy, K. Wembridge, M. Davies (Sheffield, UK)

More than ten years follow up of proximal metatarsal osteotomy for hallux valgus
Y Kuroyanagi, S. Inokuchi, Y. Suda, N. Usami (Tokyo, J)

Hallux limitus. Our experience with the Weil decompression osteotomy of the first metatarsal
P. Barouk, L. S. Barouk (Bordeaux, F)

Is the concavity of proximal crescentic osteotomy site in hallux valgus directed distally of proximally
I. Tsuboi, H. Yamamoto (Ehime, J)

MTP-1 arthrodesis as revision procedure for failed Keller arthroplasty
G. A. Matricali, P. Herman, K. Deschamps, T. Mulier, G. Dereymaeker (Leuven, B)

Proximal reverse Chevron osteotomy as the tratment of moderate to severe hallux valgus deformity
S. H. Han, J.W. Lee, H.K. Yoon, S.B. Hahn, E.S. Kang (Seoul, Korea)

The change of 1st ray mobility after hallux valgus surgery
J. Y. Kim, K. T. Lee, K. W. Young, S. D. Cha, E. S. Kim (Seoul, Korea)

Treatment of hallux valgus with the modified Lapidus procedure
D. Kolker, S. B. Weinfeld (New York, NY, USA)


--8.00 --

Posterior femoral condylar autografting for osteochondral lesions of the talus
J.K. DeOrio (Jacksonville, FL USA)

The morbidity associated with osteochondral harvest from asymptomatic knees for the treatment of chronic osteochondral lesions of the talus
D. I. Pedowitz, S. Reddy, S.G. Parekh, B.J. Sennett, E. Okereke (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Cystic type osteochondral lesion of the talus: histopathologic correlation with MRI
W. C. Lee, J.S. Mun, H.S. Ko (Seoul, Korea)

Healing of the joint cartilage after low tibial osteotomy for medial ankle arthrosis
K. Ohtera, H. Kura, T. Yamashita (Kushiro, Sapporo, J)

Osteocondral domus talar lesions treated with autologous osteocondral grafts (mosaicoplasty)
M. Pires Prado, A.A. Moreira Mendes (São Paulo, BR)

Clinical results of osteochondral plug transplantation for Freiberg disease
T. Kono, M. Takao, Y. Uchio, K. Oae, N. Yamagami, M. Ochi (Hiroshima, J)

Selection of treatment for osteochondral lesions of the talus
N. Usami, E. Hiraishi, A. Waseda, C. Shimamura, H. Ikezawa, S. Inokuchi (Tokyo, J)

Bacterial skin contamination and bacterial recolonization, after surgical preparation, in foot operations and prevalence of postoperative early wound infection: a prospective study
Y. Tytiun, S. Iordache, A. Grintal, S. Velkes, M. Salai (Petach Tikva, IL)

Posterior retrocalcaneus impingment syndrom treated by Zadek' osteotomy. A 23 cases report
Y Tourné, A. Badulescu, D. Saragaglia (Grenoble, F)

Current trends in thromboprophylaxis in surgery of the foot and ankle
A Gadgil, R. Thomas (Cardiff, UK)

A cotton batting compression dressing and fiberglass cast used safely in the immediate post-operative period following hindfoot or ankle operations
M. Eagan, N.F. SooHoo, A. Cracchiolo (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The Ilizarov-method in chronic osteomyelitis of the foot
J. Correll, (Aschau, D)

Tarsal tunnel syndrome in Athletes
M. Kinoshita, R. Okuda, T. Yasuda, M. Abe (Osaka, J)

Radiological assessment of calcaneum in posterior heel pain. A new technique
D. Mishra, S. Musthyala, H. Kurup, D.K. Patro (Pondicherry, India)

Clinical analysis of inflammatory foot problems in seronegative spondyloarthropathy
H. S. Lee, Y. Bin (Seoul, Korea)

The diabetic foot: initial experience with FDG-PET/CT
E. Melamed, Z. Keidar, D. Militianu, R. Bar-Shalom, O. Israel, C. Zinman (Haifa, IL)

Prolonged intraoseal analgesia (PIA) for orthopedic procedures: a study of postoperative pain relief
A. Liberson, B. Yanovsky, B. Shanderei, M. Alperson (Haifa, IL)

Effectiveness of surgical treatment of diabetic foot: a follow-up of 40 patients
A. Merolli, A. Militerno, R. De Vitis, F. Catalano, G. Ghirlanda (Rome, I)


-- 9.50 --
Coffee Break

-- 10.10 --

Total ankle arthroplasty using three generations of metal and ceramic prostheses
Y. Takakura (Nara, J)

R. W. Smith (Long Beach, USA)
Ankle Arthroplasty The Cons or the Myths
I. Winson (Bristol, UK)


-- 11.10 --
Outgoing Presidential speech

-- 11.20 --
Free Papers Session: TENDONS

Gastrocnemius recession performed endoscopically - state of the art and results
S.G. Trevino, V.K. Panchbhavi, M.B. Gibbs (Galveston, TX, USA)

Conservative, open or percoutaneus repair for acute rupture of the Achilles Tendon
B. Sarai, A. Ebinesan, G. Walley, D. Miller, D. McBride, N. Maffulli (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)

Faster rehabilitation for Achilles Tendon ruptures. Randomised controlled trials of immediate weightbearing mobilisation for Achilles Tendon ruptures
M. L. Costa, R. Chester, L. Shepstone, A. H. Robinson, S. T. Donell (Norwich, UK)

Distal anatomical relationship of the flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus
B. LaRue, E. Anctil (Sherbrooke, CDN)

Surgical management of insertional calcific Achilles tendinitis
K. Johnson, C. Zalavras, D. B. Thordarson (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Immediate weight bearing after complete Achilles detachment and repair for calcific insertional Achilles tendinosis
J. R. McWilliam, (New Rochelle, NY, USA)

Flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus tendons transfer for the treatment of drop foot from common peroneal nerve palsy
F. Komatsu, M. Takao, Y. Uchio, M. Ochi (Shimane, Hiroshima, J)

Plantar fascia specific stretch results in marked improvement in subjects with chronic proximal plantar fasciitis: a two-year follow up study
B. F. DiGiovanni, P. A. Graci, D. P. Malay, T. T. Williams, G. E. Wilding, J. F. Baumhauer,
D. A. Nawoczenski (Rochester, Buffalo, NY, USA)

A direct repair for chronic Achilles tendon rupture - Connective tissue between the tendon stumps has good properties for repairs
T. Yasuda, M. Kinoshita, R. Okuda, M. Abe (Osaka, J)

Surgical treatment of insertional Achilles tendinosis
A. A. Moreira Mendes (São Paulo, BR)

Arthroscopic findings associated with peroneal tendon tears
R. Ferkel, A. Bare (Van Nuys, CA, USA)

Endoscopical synovectomie of the posterior tibial tendon by rheumatoid arthritis
G. Bulstra, P. G. M. Olsthoorn, R. P. Poll (Amsterdam, NL)

The pathogenesis of Achilles tendon xanthoma: histopathological study of the extremities of Watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic rabbits
A. Nakano, M. Kinoshita, R. Okuda, T. Yasuda, A. Abe, S. Shiomi (Osaka, Kobe, J)

Tibiotalar joint sparing reconstruction of stage IV posterior tibial tendon rupture
E. M. Bluman, C. Tankson, M. S. Myerson (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Early weightbearing and ankle mobilization after modified double Tsuge technique repair of acute Achilles tendon rupture
M. Maki, M. Noguchi, K. Nagasawa, K. Ikoma, W. C. Kim, K. Inoue, T. Kubo (Kyoto, Tokyo, J)


-- 11.20 --

A reabsorbable spacer for the first metatarso-phalangeal joint in the surgical treatment of hallux rigidus
B. Magnan, M. Marino, R. Bortolazzi, E. Samaila, P. Bartolozzi (Verona, I)

Replacement of the first metatarsophalangeal joint with a threated non-cemented prosthesis
M. Menge (Ludwigshafen, D)

The role of metallic proximal phalangeal hemiarthroplasty in hallux rigidus
W. S. Taranow, M. Moutsatson, J. Cooper (Ypsilanti, MI, USA)

Longterm follow up of treatment of hallux rigidus by Hingeflexible Silicone Implant with titanium grommets
G. Dereymaeker, N. Van Giffen, J. Verduyckt (Leuven, B)

Arthrodesis of the metatarsophalangeal joint in hallux rigidus - Medium term experience with the Halluâ -Fix-System
D. Voss, O. Meyer, G. Godolias (Herne, D)

Results of cheilectomy and additional microfracture technique for the treatment of hallux rigidus
C. Becher, R. Kilger, H. Thermann (Heidelberg, D)

The outcome of the Townley hemi-arthroplasty and cheilectomy for grade 3 & 4 Hallux Rigidus.
M. R. Sullivan, D. Ocel, E. Giza, A. Best (Sydney, AUS)


-- 13.10 --

-- 13.30 –

A comparative animal study of four pin-types differing in design, implantation technique and surface
A. Moroni (Bologna, I)

Bone substitutes
D. B. Thordarson (Los Angeles, USA)

S. Russo (Naples, I)

S. Vukicevic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Mesenchymal stem cells
R. Cancedda (Genoa, I)

Biophysical stimulation of skeletal tissue repair
R. Cadossi (Carpi, I)


-- 14.50 --
Free Papers Session: LIGAMENTS

Anatomical reconstruction of the lateral ligaments with a hamstring autograft to resolve ankle instability: a new technique using an interference fit anchoring system
M. Takao, K. Oae, Y. Uchio, M. Ochi, H. Yamamoto (Shimane, Hiroshima, Ehime, J)

Long-term results of an anatomical reconstruction of the lateral ankle ligament - Clinical results and sports activities
H. Kura, K. Ohtera, K. Watanabe, A. Teramoto, T. Teramoto (Sapporo, J)

Lateral ligament reconstruction of the ankle using a modified technique with peroneus brevis
A. Qureshi, M. Zafar, D. McBride (Stoke on Trent, UK)

Reconstruction of the lateral ankle ligaments with alograft in patients with chronic ankle instability. New surgical technique
A. Caprio, F. Oliva, F. Treia (Rome, I)

Medial instability of the ankle joint - a biomechanical approach
C. Wyss, (Aarau, CH)

Effect of simulated fracture excision on the ligamentous attachments of the lateral talar process
P. Langer, F. Nickisch, D. Spenciner, C. DiGiovanni (Providence, RI, USA)

Diagnostic value of ultrasonography for disruption of the anterior talofibular ligament
K. Oae, M. Takao, Y. Uchio, J. Ishida (Shimane, J)

Minimally invasive deltoid ligament reconstruction: a biomechanical and anatomic analysis
E. Bluman, G. Khazen, N. Hariguchi, M.S. Myerson (Baltimore, MD, USA)

The function of the calcaneofibular ligament and clinical test for its insufficiency
S. Ozeki, H.B. Kitaika, K. Kaufman, K.N. An (Koshigaya, Rochester, MN, J, USA)

Treatment of the lateral ankle instability with reconstruction and augmentation with inferior extensor retinaculum
M. Pires Prado, A. A. Moreira Mendes (San Paolo, BR)

Outcome of the surgical treatment for non-union after an avulsion fracture of the anterior talofibular ligament
K. Ikoma, M. Noguchi, K. Nagasawa, W.C. Kim, M. Maki, T. Kubo (Kyoto, Tokyo, J)


-- 14.50 --

Functional outcome of "floating ankle" - Ipsilateral distal tibia and foot fractures
U. K. Debnath, A. Guha, K. Hariharan (Newport, UK)

Comparison of lateral forefoot pressures during cutting maneuvers and straight line running
N. Kadel, E. Rohr, A. Segal, C. Kweon, J. Medley, M. Orendurff (Seattle, WA, USA)

Effects of femoral torsion on ankle kinematic and kinetic data following femoral shaft fractures
M. O. Delialioglu, B.A. Tasbas, K. Bayrakci, B. Daglar, S. Unsal, U. Gunel (Ankara, TR)

Kinetic gait analysis in sequels of hindfoot injuries. Preliminary results
R. Bausa', A. Dalmau, J. Barrachina, F. Peydro' (Barcelona, E)

The application of a multi-segment, kinematic foot model in assessing outcomes of foot surgery in
hemiplegic cerebral palsy
J. Stebbins, M. Harrington, N. Thompson, A. Zavatsky, T. Theologis (Oxford, UK)

Motion of the rearfoot, midfoot and metatarsal bones during the stance phase of walking
A. Leardini, L. Berti, M.G. Benedetti, D. Bettinelli, S. Straudi, S. Giannini (Bologna, Milan, I)

Motion analysis of Chopart joint by using video fluoroscopy
T. Miyamoto, T. Teramoto, Y. Makino, K. Tashiro, K. Ootsuka (Nagasaki, Sasebo, Oomura, J)

The dynamic assessment of the ankle joint in the cases of normal and osteoarthritis used by the image intensifier
T. Teramoto, T. Miyamoto, K. Ootsuka, Y. Makino, K. Tasiro
(Nagasaki, Ekisaikai, Oomura, Sasebo, J)

"The 1st MTPJ is not a hinge ...": a kinematic analysis of the dynamic hallux
H. K. Tanaka, K. Hariharan (Newport, UK)

Difference of the sagittal configuration of the ankle joint between the lateral and the medial segment
H. J. Kim, H.T. Min (Suwon, Korea)

Preoperative gait characterization in patients with ankle arthritis
R. M. Marks, M. Khazzam, J.T. Long, G.F. Harris (Milwaukee, WI, USA)


-- 16.30 -- Coffee Break

-- 17.00 -- FINSBURY WORKSHOP: “Total Ankle Replacement and Soft-Tissue Balance”

-- 21.00 -- Social Dinner

Sunday, September 18, 2005
-- 8.00 --

Interposition graft arthrodesis as a salvage for failed arthroplasties of the first MPJ (Keller and Hueter)
G. Peretti, L. Milano (Rozzano, I)

How was hallux valgus reconstructed with Mann procedure - Evaluation using two-dimensional mapping system
N. Narikawa, S. Isomoto, Y. Tanaka, I. Higashiyama, T. Kumai, Y. Takakura (Nara, J)

Distraction osteogenesis for the shortened metatarsal after hallux valgus surgery
J. M. Hurst, J.A. Nunley (Durham, NC, USA)

Anatomical study and correlation technique to the treatment of the hallux valgus
F. Barca, A. Saracino (Modena, I)

Scarf osteotomy in hallux valgus: a review of 72 cases
R. P. Berg, P.G.M. Olsthoorn, R.P. Poll (Amsterdam, NL)

Treatment of hallux valgus deformity in 210 patients using a modified form of subcapital Chevronosteotomy
- Indication area, osteotomy level, transfer-metatarsalgias
A. Mieles, O. Meyer, G. Godolias (Herne, D)

Scarf versus Chevron osteotomy in hallux valgus
A. Deenik, P. Pilot, S.E. Brandt, W.F. Draijer (Heerlen, Sittard, Veghel, NL)

Result of distal lineal metatarsal osteotomy for hallux valgus
S. Inokuchi (Keio, J)

The base wedge osteotomy (BWO) for hallux valgus with high I.M.A. highlights and the dark side
A. Postorino, D. Varotto, A. Volpe (Abano Terme, I)

Hallux valgus: demographics, radiographic assessment and clinical outcome
M. J. Coughlin, C.P. Jones (Boise, ID, Charlotte, NC, USA)

Hallux valgus and first ray mobility: a cadaveric study
C. Jones, M. J. Coughlin, R. Viladot, P. Golano', B. R. Grebin, P. S. Shurnas
(Charlotte, NC, Boise, ID, Barcelona, Belleville, IL, Columbia, MO, USA, E)

Bunion and bunionette operated at the same time in hallux valgus patient
G. Rougereau, (Paris, F)

A comparison of distal Chevron osteotomy with and without adductor tenotomy for the treatment of hallux valgus
I. T. Chu, J. W. Chung, H. W. Park (Seoul, Korea)

Treatment of advanced hallux valgus and hallux rigidus with a concentric oblique basilar resection
R. M. Marks, G. J. Cush (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

Comparison between Austin osteotomy and Bosch osteotomy in surgery of hallux valgus.
C. Verdoia, R. Benvenuti, C. Corradini (Milan, I)

-- 9.50 -- Coffee Break

-- 10.00 --

Prospective CT scan evaluation of hindfoot non-unions treated with revision surgery and low-intensity ultrasound stimulation
M. J. Coughlin (Boise, USA)

Ankle non-unions
M. Delmi (Geneve,CH)

New treatment of metatarsal nonunion
P. F. Diebold (Nancy, F)

Lisfranc non-unions
H-H. Kuester (Guetersloh, D)

Midtarsal non union
F. Malerba (Milan, I)


-- 11.10 --
Free Papers Session: FRACTURES

Lisfranc joint dislocation-Better long-term results after initial open reduction than after closed reduction
P. Droste, S. Zech, J. Geerling, M. Frink, C. Krettek, M. Richter (Hannover, D)

Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) based correction of posttraumatic ankle and hindfoot deformities
M. Richter, J. Geerling, M. Frink, S. Zech, D. Kendoff, M. Citak, C. Krettek (Hannover, D)

Limited posterior incision for treating displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures
I. H. Park (Seoul-Gang Neung, Korea)

Isolated midfoot fractures without Chopart's or Lisfranc's joint dislocation
M. Frink, J. Geerling, S. Zech, C. Krettek, M. Richter (Hannover, D)

A minimal invasive surgical approach of operative treatment (MIPO) for displaced calcaneal fracture - evaluation for percutaneous locking plate fixation
S. Chan (Hong Kong)

Treatment of Lisfranc injuries: primary arthrodesis compared with open reduction and internal fixation. A prospective, randomized study
J. C. Coetzee, T.V. Ly (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Supination external rotation-type fractures occur in the pronated foot
N. Haraguchi, R.S. Armiger, J.T. Campbell, M.S. Myerson, E.Y.S. Chao (Baltimore, MA, USA)

Combined internal and external fixation of Os calcis fractures
M. Prayson, D. Kay, A. Tucker (Akron, OH, USA)

Minimum invasion and minimum internal fixation for severly displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures using medial and anterolateral approach
H. Noguchi, Y. Ishii, Y. Matsuda, A. Hasegawa, K. Takagischi (Gunma, J)

New surgical procedure for intra-articular calcaneus fractures
T. Atsuta, Y. Tochigi (Chiba, Iowa City, IA, J, USA)

Anatomical study and microscopic MRI findings of Lisfranc Ligament Complex
T. Hirano, H. Niki, A. Kato, H. Kato, G. Morokawa, K. Arai, T. Tanaka, K. Yamawaki, H. okada, H. Aoki, K. Sasaka (Kanagawa, J)

Classification of the distal tibial pilon fracture
C. J. Topliss, M. Jackson, R. M. Atkins (Bristol, UK)

Clinical outcome after closed reduction and percutaneous screw fixation of Lisfranc joint injuries
C. J. Tankson, M. S. Myerson, D. Zaret, E. Bluman (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Injuries of Chopart's joint
S. Gallardo Villares, A. Dalmau Coll, J. Omana Garcia (Barcelona, E)

Results of primary tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis using retrograde nailing in adult patients
J. Verduyckt, N. van Giffen, S. Van Bouwel, G. Dereymaeker (Leuven, B)

Prospective study of hindfoot nonunions treated with revision surgery and low-intensity ultrasound
M. J. Coughlin, C.P. Jones (Boise, ID, Charlotte, NC, USA)

Pathoanatomy and treatment of the unstable old avulsion fractures of the lateral malleolus in adolescent
K. Yasumura, S. Ozeki, Y. Nohara (Saitama, J)

Tarso-metatarsal dislocations treated with open reduction and percutaneous fixation: results at long term follow up and clinical outcome
F. De Marchi, F. Malerba (Milan, I)


-- 13.45 -- Lunch

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